Your patients are closer than ever.

Intelligent online booking that integrates with your EMR.
Build a booking blueprint
that fits your practice
and integrates with your EMR.

Keep your practice open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Keep your calendar clean and consistent.
Our customizable Booking Blueprint lets providers define intelligent booking rules to match the preferences and needs of their practice.
Reduce missed appointments and last minute cancellations.
Convenient text message and email reminders help your patients to remember upcoming appointments and reduce staff time spent on reminder calls.
Features at a Glance

Intelligent Online Booking

Let your patients schedule their appointments online through the Engage Self-Schedule Platform.
By integrating with your EMR system and following your Booking Blueprint, we determine what time slots to offer patients, intelligently choosing times to ensure your schedule fills as smoothly and accurately as ever. New appointments sync directly with your EMR calendar, or if you choose, will require the approval of your office staff.
  • Automate your flow of incoming appointments
  • Boost your practice appeal to new patients
  • Handle room limitations, equipment limitations, provider preferences, and more
  • Balance the timing of your appointments according to pre-defined rules

Appointment Reminders

Automatically dispatch patient-friendly appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and save your front office staff hours of calling each week.

  • Text message or email reminders
  • Reminder messages prompt patients to confirm

Reschedule Messages

Effortlessly reschedule patients with email and text messages that direct patients to Engage to schedule a new appointment time.

  • Reschedule dozens of appointments in a single click
  • Reach patients through the method of communication they most prefer

Booking Prompts

Deliver booking prompts by email and text message, which provide a link for patients to book instantly on Engage.

  • Ensure timely follow-up for optimal delivery of care
  • Never lose a patient to the filing cabinet again

Clinical Forms

Allow patients to complete triage forms and health questionnaires before they arrive at your office. Completed forms sync directly to your EMR.

  • Benefit from improved legibility and accuracy of information
  • Screen patients before they book an appointment

Electronic Check-in

Streamline your waiting room with kiosks for patient check-in. Patients scan a barcode from their appointment confirmation.

  • Free front office staff for other tasks
  • Ensure no patient is forgotten while waiting

Reporting and Insight

Gain deeper insight into your patient demographics and new patient trends, and learn anything about your patients.

  • Add custom questions to the booking process to gather statistical data
  • Assess the success of patient uptake strategies
Integrate Engage seamlessly with your EMR.
We adapt to your setup - not the other way around. Our experienced implementation team can integrate with almost any Electronic Medical Records System and IT configuration.